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klaus, caroline, and stefan are my ultimate dream-team. living a daryl & beth appreciation life. also malia tate is a precious cupcake


Caroline has always been the mean girl. If you fell in love with her after she turned into a vampire, then yeah, I guess I can see why you’re starting to hate her now. I actually fell in love with her in the very first episode so I don’t see what the big deal is. She’s judging Elena. So what? I would be too if my best friend started to date someone who in the past had traumatized me! Bonnie isn’t judging her. Good for her since she literally has no reason to!  

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  2. delenaxobsession said: Don’t you remember that Damon try to kill Bonnie in season 1 ? And kind of stalk her ? She has some reasons to hate him too.. The only difference is that she cares about what Elena feels.
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