Shelley Hennig and sex at SDCC 2014


tvd meme ♔ three otps

↳ Klaus & Caroline [2/3]

"I know that you’re in love with me. And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved."

"It’s interesting because I get to see all the cuts and I see all the edits from the director’s cuts onward. And I loved the scene in the kitchen when they’re talking, and I got the sense that Daryl was starting to kind of fall in love with Beth a little." - Greg Nicotero 

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caroline + drinking from the vein

requested by klarolinestan

favourite Klaroline moments (10/∞): 3x11 - Our Town


Bonnie Bennett + colors (inspired by bamfoline)

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Sassy!Damon knows how to get acquainted

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